Help Your Company
Magically Stand Out From the Crowd with

  • Trade Shows  –  Special Promotions
  • Company Parties  –  Grand Openings
David Tower Can Help Your Company Attract New Clients & Create Loyalty
By Promoting Your Image and Products with Amazing Sleight of Hand Illusions

As reported by “Exhibit Surveys” marketing research group, live presentations with entertainment are the most effective attention getting techniques in most all trade shows and promotions.  Second only to entertaining product demonstrations are entertaining magicians combined with product or company information.

Call 417-532-2329 to find out how Sleight of Hand Artist David Tower Can:

  • Stop Trade Show Traffic And Pre-Qualify Potential Clients
  • Attract Interest And Promote Your Company Or Product
  • Enhance Your Corporate Image & Visibility In The Market Place
  • Introduce A New Product And Educate Your Target Audience
  • Demonstrate Products in A Way Not Possible In Other Marketing Channels
  • Provide Exciting & Entertaining Performances for Grand Openings
  • Reward Customer And Employee Loyalty With A Full Stage Show

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